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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

T is for Toy Fair '18 Reports - Revell - Miscellaneous

Finishing-up the Revell reports with the bits and bobs, basically two ranges which - while probably not 'new' - are new to me and have some new items. Also a bit outside the remit of the Blog, but interesting for being clear attempts to steal market-share from people they never used to clash with, but the toy business is a cut-throat one these days, and Revell are flexing their muscles.

These are basically Playmobile for people who want more realistic figures, the vehicles and accessories aren't much different, the trolley may be a tad finer or 'less chunky' than the Playmobile version would be, but it's definitely the same type of toy; half-way between toy figures and action figures with a bit of construction thrown in for good measure.

I think they have nine points of articulation which takes them toward the action figures end of the toy-figure 'spectrum' and will give them greater playability than Playmobile figures that have always had that stilted 'Frankenstein' walk.

The subjects on display were all 'real life' of a modern or up-to-date nature, whether it will one day extend to Romans, Knights, Vikings or post-1914 style combat figures is anyone's guess, I suspect not, but if the line takes-off - who knows?

Single figures are available (like Playmobile) as an entry-point 'come-on' or collection-builders, and in a pocket-money price bracket (£4.99), given that for those lucky-enough to get pocket money, it's trending to a little-more (£5-10)that the occasional sixpence we got, way back when.

Police, fire and ambulance/paramedic crews need civilians in trouble to be able to spring into action . . . and a mix of vacant 'preppy' looking kiddults and high-performance sports cars look like a recipe for trouble to me!

One of the cars is actually licensed from Cars the movie franchise, dragging younger customers into the 'Playmobile Plus' world!

Not content to just attack Playmobile's market, Revell are also aiming their multiple sights at Lego, or it's sub-brand Duplo, with a range of large-stud [simple-] construction toys which are 'compatible with all leading brands!

A move I - for one - am happy with, Lego are a ruthless 'corporate' hiding behind the 'fake-news' of a cosy apple-pie family business, and now they've lost most of the (at one point; seemingly endless) court battles, it's nice to see other companies getting into that market.

Again, though; [getting back to Revell!] there is a more advanced element than I think you get with Duplo, in that the vehicles are radio-controlled, although as tech slides down the age-spectrum of toys, becoming ever more affordable, we will all end-up with walking, talking, flashing toys or figures who can get into their own drone and fly-off to worry the family pets!

Out now and better than Airfix's offering, but not exactly setting the world on fire either, and a clear move away from hobby-kits to early-years toys and from realistic representations of real life, historical or iconic things to licensed TV/Movie related stuff.


Ranalcus said...

"Stretched" Playmobil figures - hmmm...sounds ok

MODEL kits (if those are model kits) of human figures that STILL have action points and are CHEAP - I need like 20 of those RIGHT NOW

I am tring make stuff for post-apocalypse diorama, and I really don't want to use model kit figures from 1/32 military kits. So if Revell did those as model kits - I am BOUGHT (and I don't like that company, they are "ok" but just that)

Hugh Walter said...

They're bigger Ranalcus - they're 60/60mm, I didn't pay that much attention, try the website, but I think they will prove to be too big?