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Saturday, March 10, 2018

T is for Two - Schleich Cats

As we are in the middle of the Schleich show reports we might as well get these two out of the Laptop's doldrums and off to their permanent home in the 'S' dongle!

This chap (or chapess) has been waiting for a while now, bought on a whim and I thought I'd already blogged him (or her), but I don't seem to have, apologies if IT looks familiar, while the photo's are here, the cat has long-since been buried in the box with the other felines!

Bog-standard grey tabby, and while the stripes are not terribly realistic for a tabby, you get those mackerel-striped grey ones from time to time and it passes muster as one of those, if anything the tail markings should be darker, while the face is very well-done and quite expressive.

This one on the other hand is a recent purchase for my mother, who has a thing for ginger tabbies. Last time I looked it was standing guard in the kitchen on top of a wooden coffee barrel.

That's it - couple of cats - both current - from Schleich

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