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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A is for Alice in Wonderland - I - Twizzle Town'alikes

Not exactly Spaghetti Trees, I left the 'Hong Kong' on one of their arses for starters and problems with the paint thingy meant I couldn't get the moustache right or turn all the hair grey, but hay-ho, first attempt at an April Fool's, maybe I'll do better next year!

He was - of course - a novelty Mad Hatter from Lois Marx promoting the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland! The resemblance to the Twizzle Town figures from Britians is down to the fact that this type of 'animated flat' goes way back to the days of wood and paper toys, carried to both Marx and Britains through Japanese and German tin-plate.

The one on the right has the body the wrong way round, but shooting them in a hurry at a show I didn't have time to fix it. Also; while I wove a tale around out-workers for the gag, I think it's just a late version, sans paint.

The Mad March Hare, also undecorated and with that chocolate-brown head, looking both perfect for Easter, and more like the Nesquik bunny! You can see the Marx 'disc' on the red body in the right hand image, while the license message acknowledging Disney's property rights is occupying the same spot in the left hand shot.

More views through the looking-glass later.

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