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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A is for Alice in Wonderland III - "Curious'er and Curious'er" said Alice

We'll finish-off today with a more conventional figurine, which being of a human is more of a lifelike representation and less of the cartoon caricatures of the earlier figurines we've seen here today.

This is - I believe - from a larger set of figures (I think I saw a couple of similar ones on evilBay recently), not sure on a maker (possibly after a ceramic model by Goebel or from the Spanish company Palés) and there are no markings on the polystyrene model, which is decorated by airbrush through stencils, maybe originating in Japan?

I photographed all of today's figurines/novelties on Adrian's table ages ago, and wasn't really thinking about size at the time, I think this was a little bigger than the others at about 3½ or 4-inches to the 3-inches of the others, but you may be able to add an inch to all those measurements?

Again, definitely showing the lack of markings on this figure, I'm not suggesting anyone as maker beyond the above vague possibilities, the quality of the face is quite European doll-like in execution, the painting reminiscent of French composition/chalkware, although the gluing of the body to the legs/stand (too substantial to call it a mere base - I feel!) is quite like some of Hong Kong's production, so your guess is as good as mine, or your knowledge - superior!

Added 05-04-18 - It's a watch-stand, seemingly issued under both the US Time and Ingersoll labels - thanks to Matt for the heads-up and there's a link with his comment, Matt has the Alice in Wonderland Blog.


Matt said...

This is a figure from a watch by US Time (later known as Timex), first issued in 1958.

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Matt! And Ingersoll looking at the linked stuff? 'Watch-stands'!