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Friday, April 27, 2018

I is for I hate to admit it . . . but . . .

. . . the Marvel figures are just as luscious as the DC ones!

It's funny how these things come together, first we had a random shelfie (TV Batman) in the autumn from Terranova, then a Toy Fair '18 report (there's still a few in the queue!) with a couple more shelfies from Terra', which was a sort of gradual ramping-up, then the other day we had the more synergeous sending of more shelfies by Brian the very same day I bought the Supergirl from a dying Toysaurus, and today (Wed. 26th) we had coincidence strike, twice; first when I found some more being cleared for a bargain price and then minutes later when I popped into the Asda (Walmart) next door.

A third coincidence could be said to be the fact that I was only in Smyths to gauge the impact of the nearest two Toys w'Я Them closing earlier in the week - it hadn't had any noticeable effect on the relative emptiness of the aircraft-hanger that is Farnborough's Smyths; almost equidistant between the Woking and Basingrad carcases of the recently deceased behemoth that predates Smyths and set the model of business Smyths follows.

I wouldn't give you eight quid for five 40-mil-anythings, but at a fiver they are pretty-much the same as any run-of the mill single figure at a show! And they do have that luscious, deep lacquered finish that renders them a small joy to handle.

Also - as the gods clearly want them on the blog - it's nice to have a closer look at a slightly larger sample and the first thing we find is that bases vary with no, slight or marked-step undersides. The second thing is they are bloody hard to get out of their vac-formed tray!

But, to the other coincidence; you see - on the card-back - the two 'exclusive' figures? Three minutes after paying for these, I saw both Guardians of the Galaxy exclusives, in exactly the same paint, single-packed in Asda for . . . hummmm . . . should have shelfied them . . . £1.87p, I think? It may have been eighty-nine pee? The point is - there's nothing exclusive about them whatsoever!

It's the same fake news, marketing hype & lies we get from everywhere we turn these days, the media, the internet, politicians, local authorities, charities, web-giants, corporations, the orange Brillo-pad, TJF, no-one's being straight with anyone any-more!

In passing, the importer Jaz Toys is the same as had supplied the DC figure to the Toysaurus, but I didn't check the Asda card-backs.

The rears of the figures against their own liner-card, I don't know if Spider Gore is a 'Goodie' or a 'Baddie', but I suspect the later with a name like that, and is a Black Costume Spider Man a not-a-good-thing?

Still prefer DC - Supergirl will sort this lot out before breakfast!

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