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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

M is for Marvelous Marvels

An obvious title and I don't know why we haven't had it before now, although the fact you should all know by now that I prefer DC's oeuvre may have something to do with it!

More Phidal's have come in (with the other day's bendy-toy crustacean man!), this time they're licensed from Marvel and dated 2013 so older figures than the others we've been seeing, I don't know how many of these sets there have been, but until Spectrum ID'd them I didn't know them at all!

And there's a funny thing, after Spectrum's interjection I had some success tracking down the sets (old and new) we've seen since then, but in the last week or three, both sources seem to have dried-up - I have visited two branches of TKMaxx several times and they're all out of Phidal, while the charity shops who were getting them almost weekly, haven't had any for a while, although they had these five, so I could be talking bollocks!

I recognise the first one, he's the Goblin, Marvel's take on DC's Joker? The third looks like Lex Luther has flown-over to the enemy, but as he IS the enemy at DC, that makes sense! 19-04-18 - Full ID line-up in comments courtesy of Mr. Apperley.

The guy with a rocket belt seems only to be succeeding in blasting a hole for his legs to drop into, while number five appears to be the lizard-skinned half-brother of The Stig and just as emotionally ambiguous.

While the chap in yellow pajamas looked (in the bag) to have the world's wackiest hair-do, but turned out to have relatively normal hair, the rest would appear to be some kind of fur-ball bat-monster clinging to him like a limpet?

Quite a nice sculpt of an earlier - sensible looking era - Iron Man from Zuru, you may remember we looked at another a while back now, he came in a large capsule egg without an edible element, just a 'blind-bag' collectable figure around the 54-60mm (with ground-worked base) scale/size.

These three may be from the same source (as each other; not Phidal), they may not be, but none of them are marked so they are probably knock-offs, or at least unauthorised models from a minor make, possibly capsule toys of some kind?

The left-hand one is a slightly larger scale and semi-transparent near 54mm and carries the correct signatures for Captain America - star shield and an 'A' on his hood. The other two are slightly smaller and the one on the far right looks more like a Transformer or Autobot of some kind? Anyone know anything about them?


Graham Apperley said...

Hi Hugh, the 5 figures are a set of early opponents of Spiderman. The Green Goblin, Kraven The Hunter, The Vulture, Sandman and Mysterioso in that order. I know nothing about the figures per se just who they are meant to represent.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Graham! And thanks so much for the bag of bits you sent Via A.L., greatly appreciated, although I still haven't looked-up the dragon game pieces yet . . . I will! See you at PW? Only three & a-bit weeks!


Graham Apperley said...

You are welcome Hugh. Yes I will see you at pw. Looking forward to it😀

Hugh Walter said...

Me too!