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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

M is for Mini-Whinnies

I know; it's baby-talk, but they are 'infant toys' so it's perfectly understandable! Mentioned a couple of times here at Small Scale World in passing recently, when looking at other things, I saw these for a quid in a charity shop, and grabbed them as a perfect little Blog-post! And - they are paint-your-own which has become another recurring theme here!

The Breyer Mini-Whinnies paint kits;-

Packaging is a transparent zip-up 'purse' (I think blokes call them 'carry-cases'!!!!) with carry handle and inner vac-formed trays holding everything on display, there is an over-stuck errata-slip on the little tag, but the only change is to the imperial measurements; from 3oz. to 3 fl.oz. I wondered if they might have reduced the number of paint pots or something a tad more dramatic!

As the Britains horse was still out from the follow-up comparison shot with the HCF cart-horse the other day, I took advantage of it to provide a second comparison! You get four paints (two browns, grey and white) and a brush, which is of some quality and would make a useful addition to a figure-painter's tool-arsenal due to its short shaft?

The four hoses from both sides; nice sculpts in a dense polymer which has more in common tith polyethylene than PVC, but is probably, truly- neither. Being 'naked' horses, you can see they have conversion potential in several scales, and would be useful additions to any modeller's 'spares' box.

The larger one on the left in the lower image is - I think - the one copied (and scaled-up) in the fantasy paint-your-own set we looked at before the Christmas just gone.

Painting guide suggests other poses which means other sets (as dos the '2' after Paint Kit!), there were some on display at the Toy Fair (in this packaging if I recall correctly? Or possibly now squared-off?) in January, but I didn't shoot them for some reason? Although as a guide, it's got an awful lot of black detailing required - for a set with no black paint pot! This set is dated 2007, so they've been around a while!

That's the Breyer Mini-Whinnies Paint Kit 2


Ranalcus said...

For a brief moment I was thinking that those horses are made from white chocolate. Looks like I still think about easter's snacks

Hugh Walter said...

Heeheehee! They DO look edible . . . but I wouldn't recommend it!