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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

O is for Ocean Board-games Scene

Bit of a marine theme to today's posts, starting with these two, both a quid (each) a couple of weeks apart, all contents bar figures now gone to recycling, and both instruction sheets squirreled-away!

Pinky-purple . . . IT'S NOT FOR BOYS! It screams in an age where you're not supposed to say stuff like that, but who are they kidding! Figures clearly shown on the front it was a shoe-in, but had it had all artwork (and some games do) I probably would have left it!

Babe from the waist up, otherwise she's a bit fishy! But with the belt/collar she's also looking like one of these people who go swimming with zip-up 'sleeping-bag' mertails! You can pay, you know; you can pay to learn how to swim like a mermaid, the world's going mad!

I quite like these and we will return to them, as there are a few kicking around, Accoutrements/Archie McFee, eraser or two, the odd LRG, a couple of other fantasy ones somewhere and a couple in storage along with the old transparent styrene cocktail-glass one, there is a decent comparison post in there somewhere!

Speaking of Accoutrements/Archie Mcfee and cocktail glasses reminds me - we will be returning to both soon here at Small Scale World, courtesy of Terranova.

K&M / Wild Republic (depending on your territory) made this and I almost regret buying it, but one should never have regrets, they eat away at you! K&M are more commonly importers/commissioners of toy animals in the sub-Schleich/Papo mould, so shaking the box and hearing what sounded like a bunch of animals I handed over my quid; despite the artwork!

The artwork was accurate! No matter I have a soft-spot for card and paper flats, even silly modern ones with crappy plastic stands! At a quid; it's a box ticker, it helps make the post and . . . how the hell are you supposed to follow your pieces when they are only a slightly different blue-boarder from the 'enemy'!

The otter looks more like a beaver which is an inland/fresh-water animal! And why is the queen (hardest biatch on the board) a dolphin, while the plodding, one-square-at-a-time, vulnerable King depicted as a shark? They should have been the other way round!

Pawns! All those penguins are only going to confuse in the middle of the board, but it's a good way of teaching chess to very young peeps I suppose. Box ticked!

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