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Monday, April 2, 2018

P is for Papo - 6 - Mini's and Mini+

So, the sets that really interest me (and hopefully some of you) are the Papo Mini at approximately 40mm and the Mini+ or previously/occasionally; Mini Plus) which weigh-in at approximately 56mm, sadly they are both limited ranges, but given that Schleich have nothing in either size range, it's better than nothing although China's Safari and the other French maker Plastoy do make similar toob-sets in one size or the other or both.

As seen at the show; tall, thin toobs are Mini (the biscuit tin/lunch boxes have gone by the wayside!); tall, fat toobs Mini+, and the shorter, fatter ones are the Mini+ dinosaurs.

Here I've compared the various sizes under slightly better light conditions, with a toob of mini knights, the header-carded monochrome ones Brian brought to my attention at Christmas and the Mini+ toob, while in the right-hand image we have a full-sized one who got a bit cropped-off!

Catalogue with codes and a better idea of what the figures actually look like than any of my show-shots. Skeleton for any  undead armies you may be planning or building, a nice Cerberus for re-shooting Ray Harryhausen with the animation app on your smartphone!

It's an odd selection, with some horror, some classic myth and an Ork for good measure!

The same scan for the medievals, these are the same ones I found in the charity shop biscuit-tin/lunch-box, but without the missing ones I couldn't show in the left-hand lot!

A couple of shots of the monochrome ones in all-over silver and gold, the poses are the same as the painted set, so these are either preferable for those who don't like painted figures, or a variation for those who will be looking for the painted-ones first.

Getting repetitive but I don't want the images clogging-up Picasa for the next god-knows-how-long! Painted Mini's on the left, monochrome on the right.

Catalogue images of the 56mm Mini+, pose selection of the Fantasy set is similar to the 40mm's, but there are differences, both in pose/sculpt detail and pose variation, with two Cerberus types - for instance.

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