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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

P is for Papo - 7 - Loose Ends

In my attempts to shoot the comparison shots between the three sizes of knights and pirates I first tried shooting them on one of the glass display-cabinets, but obviously that was not terribly successful due to the transparent nature of the medium - irrespective of the lighting-versus-flash problems mentioned in the first tranche of these reports.

However the shots reveal some of the other stuff on display, of which some weren't to be seen on the video, or in the other posts, so the next three images are a Picasa-clearance which may interest you?

The bits you can see below the toob are all new for this year, while shop-display merchandising is visible in the background. Other loose-ends include . . .

. . . the catalogue scans of all the stuff 'New for 2018' which include 70mm figures of a circus animal trainer, Inuit/Esquimaux and cave-man, additions to the Fairy Tale, Fantasy and Knights lines, new dinosaurs, cetaceans and sharks, horse riders, wild animals and a very useful set of horse-show tools which will have/find many other applications for/with modellers, I'm sure.

Along the bottom row are the new compressed card play-sets/play-forts from Isiploy as supplied exclusively to Papo. You can see - in addition to those highlighted in previous posts - a fairytale house, two jungle sets, a volcano and a stable building for the horse riding stuff.

Some of the Fantasy and Fairytale figures new for 2018, I will trying to get my hands on the Puss in Boots, I think it's a lovely sculpt and every good home should have one!

These are some of the other Mini+ sets in the catalogue; in addition to the full-on Fantasy range, there is a pinky-purpler range which I have been referring to as the fairytale range, this is a non-Disney (refreshing!) look at various recognisable Grimm brothers or H.C. Andersen type characters and here we see the Mini+ offering in that range, titled Enchanted World.

Also illustrated are the full range of Mini+ Dinosaurs, the contents of the farm toob and the two sets of wild/zoo animals, one exclusively African, the other quite 'International'.

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