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Thursday, April 26, 2018

PA is for Position Available!

My personal assistant is providing no assistance whatsoever; her mind wanders from the job, she insists on playing with the exhibits, growls at the merest sign of forthcoming admonition, takes endless extended breaks far in excess of the European Working Time Regulation guidelines and wanders off without so much as a 'by your leave'?

 Case the joint

 Check flanks

 Aaaaannnnd . . . . . . we're in!

 Oh! What's this?

 Ooops, spotted! Close your eyes and he'll go away!

 More room needed in this otherwise bijou residence!

 That's better!

 It's that dragon again?

Are these things edible?

Anybody wishing to apply for the post should do so through the usual channels.


Andy B said...

Would that be a scratching post? (oh, and great castle, too)

Hugh Walter said...

Ohh! Man alive! Andy - She likes nests! She's like a great, big, furry bird!

The last three parcels to arrive - just like Jim's; one - it was expanded-polystyrene beads all over the room as she tried to get in a box half her size, the other was an instant nest of crinkly-old Boot's shopping bag from the 1970's!

Then she looks at you like there CAN'T be a problem!