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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Q is for Query - Probably Phidal?

There is a big re-organisation happening here at Small Scale World Towers; since the news from Spectrum about Phidal and my post Christmas successes in tracking them down, along with other stuff that has come in, the 'to be sorted' box of TV/Movie and Cartoon figures in the attic is overflowing.

Being a tad OCD (only a tad mind, I couldn't give a fig if the cutlery is crooked or the picture frames are at an angle!) I like my stuff properly sorted, so it's time to break the box into 3 or 4 new boxes, in the course of which I suspect I'll find a few Phidal's for the tub they were awarded a few weeks ago!

These were in a mixed lot from a charity shop a few weeks ago, the key rings are 'just' key rings and were common back around 2013 when I bought a couple for a friend of mine, however I suspect the smaller ones may be from a Phidal set, I need to check a source, so for now it's a maybe, but I'm pretty sure.

Size-wise the small ones are smaller than the Minions eraser set we looked at a few months ago, the key-rings are larger (the erasers are almost perfectly sized midway between these two samples) and both sets are in a stiff PVC-alike.

This chap - Fear - from Disney's Infinity - is almost certainly a Phidal as he has the same plain 'DISNEY' base mark, on a glossy black base, as have some of the other figures we've seen here under the Phidal label.

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