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Monday, April 23, 2018

S is for Super-Shiny Supergirl is Super!

My last ever purchase from Toys w'Я Us (last UK stores closing this Friday/Saturday I believe), is a lovely little thing. Following on from various shelfies we've seen from Brian and the Toy Fair catalogue post; I found one of the Jada Nano Metalfigs - Supergirl!

This is a luscious thing, it's manufactured in the same way as Matchbox or Hotwheel cars in a Zamac/k - Mazac alloy, following a small tradition; with Monogram (WWII and Vietnam) and Kenner (Star Wars) having both produced similar figures in the 1980's.

But what sets this apart from those previous stabs at 'die-cast smalls' (they're bang-on 40mm) is a coat of paint which is as smooth and shiny as a smooth and shiny thing which has gone to university and been elected professorial-head of the faculty of Smooth & Shiny Things' department of Really Smooth & Really Shiny Things!

When I get something I really like I tend to rip the arse out of the imagery, I really like this so here's a bunch more images! Did I say it's (she's) really smooth and shiny? It's like she's been enamelled in a kiln used for painting limousines!

The fact that it's mostly metallic paint may have something to do with it, her hair is flat gloss and her flesh is a semi-matt or silk finish, but the red and blue feel a mile deep!

Scan of the card, it's the card - I scanned it! Joking aside I scan about 50/60 items per month for the archive (a lot of it will end-up on the A-Z Blogs as 'supporting paperwork'), once it's scanned it can be thrown away, I don't throw anything away of course; I'm a bloody squirrel, but I do collapse everything flat and pile it in A4 sized Really Useful boxes in no particular order as 'long term' storage.

With perfect timing Terranova sent me these the same day I started the two post's folders (goodbye to the Toysaurus later today) and they're shelfies of the Disney figurines (below) and more DC above. Cat-Babe seems to be in flares - flares are back - again! And she seems to be about to have a fist-fight with a lady trucker!

Again it seems The Riddler and the Girl Bat both make use of the metallic finish to equally good effect, Batman's grey is also a gunmetal I think, while the other two ladies are - or look to be - all over flat gloss colours?

No squeaky-voiced rodents (phew!) but an odd mix of Alice in Wonderland, Donald Duck and what looks like a Manga character - Lilo - from Lilo and Stitch.

Metallics have again been used for all reds and blues, but look at the Cheshire Cat, metallic pink fur with over-stripes in a heliotrope puce-pink and candy -pink smile, these are really luscious figurines! Also, it's never occurred to me but Bagpuss is - technically at least - an old Cheshire Cat stuffed-toy, because I think the Disney movie came first?

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