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Monday, April 9, 2018

T is for Two - Marx Brit's . . . from Britain!

Manufactured in the Swansea plant these two from Marx were going to be four, but I've dropped two, and then made them five anyway, below, so it's all gone a bit pear-shaped on the T is for... front! Still, this stuff is only a box tick!

I picked these up a couple of few-weeks ago now as a foursome with two others, going un-bid on feebleBay and probably because they were a bit tatty. But actually the only bad one is the late colonial/Victorian (?) fusilier (?) - always referred to as a Napoleonic when we were kids - who has a quite chewed rifle muzzle. Ironically I think I have a better one in storage along with the kneeling pose.

These are two of the six inch figures and they were photographed with strong daylight, not an issue, but compare the plastic colours to those photographed after dark with all flash . . .

. . . and, as already alluded to; two plus three is actually five, but one of the reasons for bidding on the lot was to get the officer with slightly chewed revolver for a decent comparison shot with Marx's other British Officers with pistols!

Clockwise from 12-o'clock; 25mm (old US 'HO' @ 1:64th) Miniature Masterpiece in soft polyethylene (they were also issued in polystyrene, in which guise they suffer much damage); a re-issue from the 54mm set - he's in a tinny dense polyethylene; a softer original from the same set and the six inch monster man.

The six inch figure in a conversion/variation of the US-sculpted chap with the ammo-box, the two waving guys look similar but are different in several respects.


peter evans said...

The 6 inch figure was designed by Pomeroy. Don't know if he was aware or shown the other Marx Brits. So0 the question of the pose reference should remain open
Most British toy soldier officers manfully advance with their Webley thrusting forward- exception being the Timpo and Herald designed by Selwyn Smith

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers for that Peter - Yeah, the legs arn't a direct copy, but they are more similar than the other two . . . what I was [not] saying is that it's a better situation (3 sets of different sculpts) than the Germans who are all the same poses pantographed up to 6-inch and down to Miniature Masterpiece!