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Thursday, April 19, 2018

TJF is for Tons of Jolly 'Finds'!

That arrogant heap of shit 'The Jabbering Fuck' suggested I should 'stick to showing my finds' the other day, I'll deal with the whole whine, in-the-round, later, in my usual inimitable way, but I would suggest in repost that as I seem to be out-editing him by at least two posts, three words and/or five images to one, every day, week or month, he would do better suggesting something else if he's to have a cat in hell's chance of catching-up, because 'keeping up'  . . . he ain't!

Although - he beats me hands-down on typos - as does his assistant. However, if it's 'finds' he wants, along the lines of his piss-poor output (rather than my usual thematic or subject-specific posts), it is 'finds' he shall have!

These all came in the other day with a no-other-bidders (or one-other bid? I can't remember) speculative-offer, couple-of-hours-to-go auction on evilBay, for a mixed job-lot of mostly farm and zoo animals. I actually took the punt for the Lido/Kellogg's animals in the lot; of which there was a large double-handful of both sculpt-types.

You could see the Britains horse clearly in the lot, all cut-about with a Stanley-knife, but the rider (Sheriff of Nottingham) was half buried in Hong Kong horse flesh, hens and hippo's. His paint is OK (I've seen - and got - better) and he's complete, but weirder still was that the Speedwell Sheriff's mount was among the said Hong Kong horse flesh, sans rider, but the tail's there!

Here they are together with the previously posted (here at Small Scale World) better paint figure and correct horse from the master collection, on the screen behind them!

They don't make a good combination, he looks to be riding while suffering piles . . . Ooh, me' tag-nuts . . . ouwh, me' daggle-berries, yeh, verily - me' arse is on fire!" and is sitting, apparently bracing himself against the stirrups with a gap between his bottom and the saddle. We looked at the correct Speedwell rider for the horse last time as well.

In the same lot was this Crescent grazing horse, normally I wouldn't show shite like this to you but . . . if it's a 'find'; a 'find' it is! Someone has made a horse blanket from a sticking plaster - and quite effective it is too!

They have also added a walking halter (??? I know f-all about horse tackle!) from button thread, of the sort we used to move our Aberdeen Angus' around - if they let us, if not they kindly dragged us where they wanted to go! The knots are even in the correct places.

I've already removed them; the plaster had been there so long both it and it's glue had all gone brittle, and it came off in hundreds of tiny little pieces, but some surgical spirit got the plastic back to 'original' in a jiffy!

Sticking with early British polymers, the same lot also contained two pieces of FG Taylor's later plastic farm (you may have noticed the metal version of the nesting hen came-in with the last lot of Sandown plunder), with the piggy-wig being a very poor moulding (in otherwise good condition - or it will be after a clean!) and a rather insipid shade of pinky-mauve, either the mould was too cold, or the injector head wasn't hot enough and what are known as 'jetting-' or 'blush-' marks are clearly visible all over the pig.

These are similar to the Rena birds, and while looking like some of the Macau-made PVC stuff are actually marked Hong Kong. I've seen them described as 'Dolls House' birds, but I think that was just feebleBay bottom-feeding through speculative-hopefulness rather than salient detail!

There are at least two more to 'find'; a crested macaw-looking thing and something purple with a nest, they would have been sold blister carded as a set, as rack-toy novelties or - possibly - cake decorations?

These were in the box too, another part set (of pairs) or parts of two sets? There was another duck, but he clearly went with a bunch of the horses and donkeys (by base mark and less subdued colouring) while these are all marked China and decorated - bar the hen - in a rather insipid scheme. I'll keep one of each for the master collection, and shuffle the rest off to a charity shop. . .

. . . from whence I got a nice card fort with figures today (Monday 17th), I also bought another mixed lot of farm and zoo on feeBay for four-quid, all piled in a basket and photographed through the holes! We'll see what's in it, maybe get another 'finds' post out of it, or five? These bits-&-bobs posts are easy (probably why TJF sticks wi'em!), and if you'd prefer them I can do three or four a day for err . . . like . . . err . . . forever!

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