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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

F is for Follow-up - Minions

As an eraser follow-up, Terranova sent me the first two images of these the other day, and while having a big putting-away session at the weekend I took the opportunity to take the third image to show the size difference I mentioned the other day.

These are different to the eraser sets we've seen here in the UK (and on the Blog) twice now, having a join mid-way down the face, and larger feet, so I suspect they are a tad larger than the previous sets. Also; I don't remember a lady-Minion, or a Minion in a piny?

All that ninja-action and martial arts crime-fighting has left the mutant turtles looking pretty ropey these days! Cheers Brain.

I'd forgotten the large 'piratical' one; who came in with one of these mixed bags of vinyl/cartoon crud from a charity shop I think, but - as I guessed - the two new key-rings from the other day and the three 'probably Phidal' are sized either side of the earlier erasers.

The films/DVD releases have proven popular over the last five or so years, and as a consequence there is quite a bit of Minion-related stuff out there, figurines - in all sizes - to the fore.

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