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Saturday, May 12, 2018

G is for Going to Hell in a Handcart!

When I suggested that the orange Brillo-pad was probably in line for a Nobel Peace Prize the other day, I hadn't anticipated that my own execrable Foreign Secretary (who seems to share a barber with Trumpton) would be suggesting it, live, on trash-telly!

Nor that - less than 48-hours later - the tangerine twerp would be hinting at getting one (a Nobel) himself, a day after he made the likelihood of World War III starting in the Middle-east all the more likely!

While his 'World Peace' Deal' is with a man (Kim Jong-Un) who killed his uncle at point-blank . . .  with an anti-aircraft gun, and had his brother assassinated in public!

You can't make this shit up, the world is rudderless and going stark staring mad!

Listening to Trump on Thursday night was remarkably like listening to Hitler; the way he was stoking the rabble to hate the press (a free press in a free country), to hate members of the previous administration, to distrust the only support systems they have, is exactly how Hitler took power from the organs of state and concentrated them in himself.

And:-  to the idiot who suggested the other day I shouldn't keep commenting on his President - I'll stop commenting on the orange-loon when he stops talking about Britain and France as if they are blood-soaked war zones, when they are not!

The idea that if the French had U.S. gun-ownership levels, 120 people could have been saved in  Paris was patent nonsense;

1 - There is no guarantee anyone would have stopped the terrorists anyway, after all - no one stops the school shootings in a country that does have those levels of firearm ownership?

2 - Those levels of gun ownership bring with them so many background deaths, he seems to have been suggesting that in order to [possibly] save 120 people, once in a blue moon, France would have to accept 5, 10, 20,000 deaths? Per year - every year?

The man's nuts! So's our Foreign Secretary.

I see Ollie' North (or is it 'oily') got himself a new lucrative income as overseer of the program to cull the national population with legally-held firearms! Really - you can't make it up.


Harry Palmer said...

It could be argued that Trump would make an eminently suitable recipient of a Nobel Prize, named as it is for the prolific arms manufacturer and inventor of Dynamite. And since the Nobel organisation is currently in the midst of a sex assault scandal, who better to revive the reputation of the Swedish Academy than the world's foremost pussy grabber.

Hugh Walter said...

Never a truer word spoken in jest Mr. Palmer! Err . . . you were speaking tongue in cheek wern't you? Nooooooooooo........