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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

J is for Jaunty Jalopy!

This was another pound at the same show (Sandown park) as this morning's ertzgibirge effort, and it came with a figure, so if this morning's example was a bargain (and it was!); this was a double-bargain!

It has a slightly elongated or lengthened (at a cost to the width) appearance, seen on some early US-made toy Jeeps (The Ideal version - I-339 is one) which makes it too long and thin for the iconic look of a jeep which is a little more 'boxed' shape. However it does have a little man in a 'brodie' helmet which makes up for the slight stretching - even if he's pink!

It's missing a windscreen, so I'm still looking for a better one, but that's what made it a quid; with windscreen it would have been a fiver; Jeeps are sought-after by Jeep-collectors!

When I like something I always over-photograph it, so you can tell I like this (and the wooden limo'), hell; it's too cool for the motor-pool! The fact that it's manufactured in a dime-store, space-ship, metallic green polystyrene only adds to its overall bargainousness!

It looks like it should be a Hong Kong produced toy (and I think it probably is), but the lack of a mark and the rather too well-made for HK running-gear leaves a question over its origin, and it could be a Western play-set or model railway accessory - from the lower - budget - end of the market, or an actual dime store era/type toy?


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Hugh Walter said...

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