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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

M is for Mini, mini, MINI !

I picked this up at the Sandown Park toy fair this weekend just gone, it's probably from one of the many sets of Matchbox 1-75 Series copies in little boxes from brands like Blue Bow (not 'Box') or the York ones we sawhere, except that this is not actually the Matchbox sculpt!

I vaguely recognise the reverse-K shape presented by the windscreen/cab arrangement (and the single rear axle) but can't place it at the moment; it's not Pyro (I just looked!). However - I bought it not to dig into its origins, but because it's such a tiny little thing! Marked 'No. 363' and 'Hong Kong'; that's my littlest finger; basically it's 'box-scale', maybe N-gauge compatible - too cool for amphibious assault school!

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