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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Forthcoming Events

Late Posting!

The next auction at SAS (Special Auction Services) is actually tomorrow! I was only reminded of it on Saturday and forgot to post anything yesterday, so it's rather short notice I'm afraid; if you're not already following events, but there's still time to view today, in person, or online (.pdf download here) or between 09.00hrs and ten tomorrow morning, the sales starts at 10.00.

One of the highlights of the sale - and cover star - has to be a Waddington's circular Dan Dare  jig-saw puzzle, as seen here at Small ScaleWorld back in 2014, I don't know if it's the same one or another example.

There are also a number of figure lots (333-363), a lot of quality OO-guage and similar railway stuff and plenty of die-cast, as well as some interesting general toy lots and a nice JR21 lot (282), for kit collectors there are a number of bundles of Aircraft models (257-268).

Forthcoming dates at SAS

The recent auction on Tri-Ang/Lines mentioned here a while ago raised in excess of £100,000 and was a 'white glove' sale with all lots sold, given the ink wasted in the national press on another sale recently, it's nice to see quality is as quality does!

Tel: 01635 580595
Fax: 0871 714 6905

Other Events

SRP Toyfairs (who used to put-on the Harfield's shows) have a show at Bexhill-on-Sea this Saturday (2nd June) and another the next day in Colchester (Sunday 3rd), so Gerry will be busy this weekend! Full details available from the website (www.srptoyfairs1.co.uk) or:-

Tel: 07739 998 012

Also on Sunday is a feast for aero-enthusiasts as RAF Kenley holds its annual swap-meet/open-day, and two different flyers came my way on Saturday gone, so they get top marks for publicity,  but that's about as far as it goes, with nothing on-line!


Sunday 3rd June 2018


Books, Toys, Models
Aircraft Parts, Uniforms & Militaria
Airfield Tours

Kenley Aerodrome
Victor Beamish Avenue

Alistair White

TEL. 07860 762277
Stalls - eMail: acebellaviation@aol.com

Web: www.aviation-antiques.co.uk (dead-link? and there's nothing on the website! https://www.kafg.org.uk/newsevents.htm)

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