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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

V is for Vooden Vonder Vagen!

Bit of fun today, getting back into the swing of things! Picked this up for a quid on Saturday, it's modern, so modern it's probably still for sale in Berliner or Bavarishe touriste kiosken ('scuse spelling) probably for about a quid, but I like the more quirky little things, especially when they are cheap!

Mostly pine with hardwood wheel and axle assemblies, it's simplistic, chunky, not seeming to refer to a specific real-life marque and the varnish is a tad on the heavy side, but what the hell; it was a quid! I love the rounded front, it looks like something from a Mordillo cartoon - it's got Zeppelin chic!

There is a small hole drilled approximately at the point of balance, so I suspect it once carried out duties as a Christmas tree-hanger/bauble but it may have been attached to a now-gone plinth or base-board of some kind, or even a larger item like a trinket-box or something?

It's a Duessenbacker von Rickenburg 24-litre V12 Tannenbaumer Holtzmachinen!

Ah! The transport of choice for an idiocracy!

Sieg Heil!

Seig Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Heil Kreig!
Heil Kreig!
Hail Orban!
Hail Erdogan
Jail Netanyahu!
Fail Chávez
Hail Trump!
Mereka! Mereka!
Hazzar Putin!
Hurrah for Boris, Reece-Mogg & the bloke who keeps being UKIP's leader, what-what!
Too Right!
Build a Wall!
Build a Wall!

Build a Wall!

It's so, so easy, and we're so, so close, if we're not very careful all the sacrifices, all the advances of the last 104 years will have been for nought!

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