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Saturday, June 2, 2018

A is for Also, Apparently [Collectable]

Two more of these Corinthian hideousnesses (apparently 'hideosities' isn't a word!) have come in since I last wrote disparagingly of them! [the rest of this post is for those following current events and no innocent Germans or Carrick's should take offence, those who need to, know to]

One marked Carrick the other Heinze. Older British readers will remember that Heinze came a close second to Fritz as the generic form of address for German 'baddies' or prisoners in the war comics of the 1950's, '60's and '70's, with Hans, Otto and Günter as fall backs.

Seeming to be in the Manchester United strip, I believe they are all currently playing for PSV Eindhoven, oh . . . no; sorry . . . not PSV Eindhoven - TJF Allentown; they're all beating their me . . . sorry; batting for TJF Allentown now! I think Small Scale World will survive . . . and prosper - freed of certain shackles of conformity!

Did I say they were big-heads?


Brian Artillery said...

I found some of these in a box at home, and, as nobody there is a fan of the 'Running about like twats after a kids' toy', spent a happy few minutes blowing these abominations' heads off with an air rifle, from close range. Very theraputic indeed.

Hugh Walter said...

Like all these modern 'collectables', one or two are rare and go for silly money, the rest get swept-up with the Hong Kong shite! I take them to the Charity shops!