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Sunday, June 10, 2018

B is for Because I Had Them Out!

Box Ticker - I had to get their box out for the sheep/shepherd comparisons. Just a few shots of Britains hens that have come in a couple of charity-shop lots since the New Year, but then that's nearly half-a-year ago now!

The first version are to the left and were taken from the old hollow-cast moulds, their legs soon proving as frangible in polymer as they were in metal, which lead to the replacement ones (to the right) from Herald, before the move to Hong Kong produced the vinyl groups in between. There were nicer Herald groups, but I didn't have one here to include!

I haven't asked those who know these things, but suspect all the later ones are supposed to be Rhode Island Reds (or similar . . . Supermarket Whites!), while the older ones are a recognisable British breed, with a bit of Bantam DNA?

The pair from Hong Kong could be separated from the tuft of grass to produce two singles and a piece of cover for 1:76th scale prone machine-gunners!

The 'from hollow-cast's' have very thin, smooth bases not shown in this shot, then from the left are the intermediate designs with an earlier, recessed Herald and later, flat 'Britains' base (or at least - I think they're that way round?), then the Hong Kong combo' continuing out of frame to the right.


jah said...

Despite my previous request I think you are being a bit mean somebody again namely POTUS come on Hugh picking on a person who is old, senile, demented, conceited , a megalomaniac, a compulsive liar also suffering from A.H.A.D. and a capitalistic B*****d to boot really it is not on. After all the country with the world’s highest I.Q. voted for him. Also your snide remarks about Britexit are not nice. Come the day everybody knows Britain will be great again a third of the world will rush to join our Empire there will be full employment, the whole world will want to buy our goods. Every British child will go to university. And we will have borders that that Trump could not get in his wildest dreams. The land borders between the ROI and Scotland will 10 times better than the old Berlin wall. All Brits will be blonde with blue eyes a super race in a super country the number one world power under our new leader Boris the world will be in awe.

Hugh Walter said...

Jah - I hate negativity (as I'm sure you've noticed!) but I think your crystal-ball might be broken! Shake it - if it rattles; assume the opposite of everything it says!