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Sunday, June 3, 2018

C is for Comics; Characters, Capers and Spain

I love it when a plan comes together by itself, or a post sort of creates its own momentum, this is just such a post and while we will look at little we will cover a lot!

Juan (Gog of Toys From the Past and the free, biannual, Action Figures magazine I mentioned in the week) had sent me the above a while ago, part in response to my previously blogging something he's sent me and partly conversationally in an eMail exchange.

The issue highlighted in the picture/discussion being that the figure on the left is a Heimo original (with damaged feather) of Robin Hood from the 1974 set tied-in with the Disney movie which I remember going to see in Godalming (when it still had a Cinema!), while the other two are bootlegs or 'knock-offs', possibly from Spain?

While it was intended to be used at some point, as a stand-alone image it got put to one side (metaphorically; in actual fact it sat on the laptop's desktop, where I have far too many folders and files!) against the 'rainy day' when it might get used.

Then at PW I picked up the King John, bootleg; not Heimo (left hand figure - it's a crown, not a cake!). So in so far as it went it was so far, so . . . so-so!

Not really enough for a post, but I've also been getting so much Phidal stuff that the Cartoon, TV and Movie - TBS box ('to be sorted') had reached crisis levels of lid-angle, leading to my constantly recovering self-seal bags of often quite uncommon stuff from between the joists in the attic.

However, following more cartoon characters incoming from the PW and Sandown shows I had a big sort-out and putting-away session, finding the other two figures in the course of my endeavors . . . "Ah-ha!" I thought, "Shoot these together and have a conflab' with Juan, I think" I further thought, so I did!

Juan kindly confirmed that the other two were Heimo (which was actually a slight disappointment as I was hoping one or the other might be either a knock-off or by/from Comics Spain - latterly: Comics Figuras).

As you can see, the bootleg-King John has a spurious, meaningless C (for 'copy', heehee!), the woman is marked © W.D.prod. (for Walt Disney Productions) and the foxy-looking gentleman is marked Appolo ©, with what looks like a remnant of a D, possibly a cavity mark?

The woman is called Medusa and is a character from a Disney cartoon movie called Bernard & Bianca (in Germany, here it was called The Rescuers I think), while the fox is called err . . . Fox (Fuchs) and is from a non-Disney set of Pinocchio figurines.

I'm going to guess here that Apollo may be/have been a German/European TV production company and that the figures are characters from a local kids TV version of the tale? Certainly the figure is ascribed to Heimo in the German guide, and the character has no other reason to carry Apollo on its base.

Then, this week, I got four bags of mixed shite from charity shops (the day after the road signs!) and a very interesting deep-sea diver (waiting for new camera!), among which was an actual, fully marked Comics Spain figure from The Muppets and . . .

. . . Bingo! We had a worthwhile post! We've also gone full circle as the post which lead Juan to send me the first image was a Comics Spain post!

By way of thanking Juan for his input both to this post and the Blog over the years, can anyone help him ID these? I know they are late Hong Kong or early 'China' era rack-toys (mid-late 1990's?), probably with dinosaurs and a palm tree or blow-moulded rock or two, but can anyone ascribe a set title or brand-mark to them?


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Hugh Walter said...

Q1 - In the stamp-zone, fuckwit
Q2 - Enough to cover it? That's twice as many as you need to cover 50% of it?