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Monday, June 25, 2018

C is for Crescent - 60mm British Paratroopers

Continuing with the box-ticking of previously seen - briefly - here at Small Scale World 'standard' figure sets of those khaki troops not found on the Khaki Infantry page we arrive at the 60mm paratroopers from Crescent.

Again, my sample has only been built over the last nine-years, with no great thought of priority; the 'big purchase' and the odd figure in a mixed bag or Charity-shop lot. So I've got three unpainted and three with some paint, but by no means 'minty', and a couple of interesting ones (below). Sculpting is odd with these; they appear to be engaging in combat operations whilst wearing No.2 Dress uniforms with beret . . . and a water-bottle!

It does however mean you could do a nice paint conversion of the Stirling SMG-armed chap to an MP at a smart function!!

Colour variant, he's also been painted to represent an SAS trooper, but I suspect (from the trace of factory red on his shoulder) that he's a home-paint job, rather than a Crescent 'meant' figure.

There's also a base variation, previously seen with the ceremonial bandsmen and guards (who are fighting in No.1 Dress, Ceremonial, Guards, for the use of!), and as well as a sculpting difference, it's been painted green, which we also saw with some of the guards.

Base shape'/marking-variation also exists, along with the smooth versus 'sand-blasted' sculpts, whether this was a cavity thing (several per set/mould-tool) or a generation thing (moulds being re-worked/renewed) is anyone's guess at the moment, I suspect the later.

Three very different treatments of the weapon on the figure above from poor SLR at the top, to equally poor Tommy-gun at the bottom with a vaguely M1 carbine in the middle! And I think (that's 'think' TJF; like assumption - and equally flagged up!) they are in age order from top to bottom, with the bayonet first converted to a muzzle (and the moulding smoothed-off), and then the whole weapon re-cut in a blocky fashion.

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