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Monday, June 25, 2018

F is For Follow-up - Lone Star

Material connected to the recent posts on khaki infantry have winged (should that be wung? . . . Yes; I think it should!)* Material connected to the recent posts on khaki infantry have wung their way to Small Scale World Towers from both Chris Smith and Brian B, some of which is on hold for inclusion on the Khaki Infantry page in a day or two, but these - from BB (Terranova) are pertinent to both the weekend's posts and the recent post on the Wellsotoy tin-plate truck crew, so; here they are!

Brain recently obtained these as part of his 'nostalgia collecting' (the best kind as it limits you to things you remember - rather than the mountain of shite I'm accruing!), although he didn't remember the multi-barreled mortar/rocket launchers.

Points to note ON the lot - Mint! Apart from some mildew on the tyres (common with these when they've been in storage), they are about as good as it gets, with perfect paint on all three crewmen and the wagon/trailers.

Points to note ABOUT the lot - Blue Box took the whole deck (including the control console) for their small-scale Bedford RL's and MK's. The Bren Gun Carrier passenger is used as gunner/operator and I wouldn't like to call 'who copied who' vis-à-vis the Wells Brimtoy version. Pyro-Kleeware gave us the bodies/loads of the other HK stuff, but Lone Star gave us the Blue Box mountings.

There were about six bodies I think . . . 9-barrel and Radar seen here, searchlight, twin-Bofors, spring-firing pom-pom cannon/rocket launcher with elevation 'table' (much copied in the world of space toys), that's five? I'm sure there's one or two missing? There was also a different 'well wagon' bodied trailer which housed a larger rocket launcher, and a plain flatbed trailer sold with a civilian Land Rover in the die-cast range.

They (the military vehicles) also come in an orangey-sand as desert/8th Army or as Afrika Korps with Balkan-cross stickers, and I seem to recall some green ones get German marking to go with the dark grey Germans? Later issues in bright blue with 'go-faster' chrome-plate enhanced, balloon-wheels were also sold as more general toys.

*Fling/flung, sing/sung, swing/swung . . . I'm just following the rules of English!

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