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Sunday, June 3, 2018

F is for Follow-up - Wooden Car

Following the post on the little wooden car the other day Chris Smith (who some of you may remember from his days dealing ex-Soviet era Eastern European toy soldiers at PW's old venue) sent me this set of book-ends by way of a follow-up.

How cool are these? It's a sort of Triumph Spitfire/Porsche 911 hybrid - with luggage-rack holding a school trunk - I'm loving it! Similar to the little one we looked at the other day Chris wondered if it was by the same people; I suspect not, these have a better build-quality for a start, and less intrusive varnish?

The one we looked at the other day was a little tourist novelty to be played with 'on-tour' and dropped over the side of a ferry on the Bodensee by accident, leading to tears before bedtime!

These are by Woodentops of London Chris reports - the link takes you an outfit in Chelmsford which I suspect is a newer and unrelated concern (the bookends look quite 1970's/Habitat?), but they do import from Germany.

Many-thanks to Chris - it's always nice to get feedback by way of a follow-up, which adds to the original post, or the 'bigger-picture'; we like wooden toys here at Small Scale World and the warm glow of nostalgia.

"Eer, Max - It's the laast pair of V8 interceptors. . . race yer . . . with guns!"

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