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Saturday, June 23, 2018

H is for Hobbitt'iss, more Horrible Little Hobbitt'iss . . . It's NOT Fair!

Poor old Gollum! Another week another charity-shop board-game, for 95p this time I think, it was a few weeks ago, it's been sat in Picasa while I waited to do the last shot, as I had to dig them out of the attic!
Rio Grande Games, who have been seen here before, and a nice little game with a 30-40 minute play-time, so easy by the standards of a lot of games which can take that long to organise and get started!
It's mostly punched card, or it is once you've punched it - the norm these days is to charge the customer extra for a larger box, then have them do half the work they used to paying the manufacturer to do - That's 39 years of small-'c' conservative, Thatcherite-Reganomic, 'free-market' theory in action and a global trade war won't stop domestic greed, nor is it any use shooting the messenger, the message stays the same!
And - once you've punched all the die-cut sheets, you end up with a box that has a centimetre gap at the top so everything flies around!
But all that doesn't matter as you've added two figures to the stash! They are actually pre-coloured PU resin and quite brittle - in the wrong hands they won't last long. The game is one of those lay-as-you-go random path mechanisms (match edges like-for-like) with smaller, added companion and challenge cards liberally spread about.
And there's a volcano, rings, into, throwing, for the use of.
You may remember Graham Apperley donated a set of Hobbits to the Blog just over a year ago, and they match well with the two Rio Grande ones so it seems I'm fated to slowly build The Shire as a set of questing, ring-bearing, stroppets - Gollum doesn't stand a chance!

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