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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

M is for Mulan

A 1998 movie from the Disney stable, I won't pretend to know anything about it, as until I bought this from a charity shop I'd never heard of it! And until I Googled it; I didn't have the date!

Arcotoys Inc. a Mattel Company (yes - that Arco!) produced these 'jewellery' ('play' jewellery!) sets apparently in three slightly different configurations along with a larger battery-operated chirping-cricket toy, presumably as a tester to the likelihood of merchandise from the movie shifting?

Non-human items, after the real junk had already gone to recycling, all marred by the ring-loop for attaching to the plastic necklace. The tree is a flat, or relief sculpt with a plain back and semi-flat front while the panda is quite realistic, or at least bearable (geddit!) and the horse isn't too bad; pointy face though! The other three would have gone to 'recyce' if they weren't figurals!

The three humans, I have the chap in the middle in the unknown manga/anime zone of the unknown superheroes box in storage, so it's nice to have him ID'd, all three are about 30mm.

The figurines and tree are all PVC and the necklace, earrings and wristband, along with some of the smaller pieces were polyethylene.

After removal of the ring-loops and a quick touch-up with some PVA paint, they all look a lot better, the cherry-blossom with make a nice background scenic display shelf item; another set had an oriental doorway in the same shades of pink.

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