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Saturday, June 9, 2018

News, Views Etc. . . . Comet HO Model Railway Vehicles

I have been unable to find an eMail for the 87thscale.info Website's web-master/s, who were asking (a few years ago) for a better listing of the Comet model railway, solid cast, lead/white-metal vehicles. Could anyone from the die-cast side of the hobby who does have contact with them or a contact for them, please pass on the following list for them to use.

I notice they have deleted the whole Comet entry now, but they may wish to reinstate it with this listing? I have highlighted the vehicles-proper in red but they're welcome to the whole list, which comes from a 1950/60's catalogue.

Comet Metal Products Co., Inc.
Railroad Accessories (painted HO Gauge Accessories, unless stated otherwise)
R1 - Letter Box, No Parking Sign, Fire Hydrant and Mail Storage Box
R2 - GM Milk Delivery Truck
R3 - 12 Coach Chairs, 6 Left, 6 Right (unpainted, railway passenger cars)
R4 - 3 [Staff] Lockers (O gauge)
R5 - Tool Cabinet, Utility Table, Utility Cabinet and Stock Closet (O gauge)
R6 - Superintendant’s Desk, Foreman’s Desk cabinet and Double Utility Cabinet (O gauge)
R7 - Executive Desk and Swivel Chair (O gauge)
R8 - Typewriter Desk and Swivel Chair (O gauge)
R9 - Lavatory Set - Sink, Bowl and Urinal (O gauge)
R10 - Stop and Go Sign and 2 No Parking Signs
R11 - Newsstand and 2 Half-figures
R12 - Stools and Stools with Backs (2x2 designs, O gauge)
R13 - Draftsman’s Table and Stool (O gauge)
R14 - Office Desk and Swivel Chair (O gauge)
R15 - 5 Assorted Cabinets (O gauge)
R16 - Single and Double-door safes, single and 3-drawer file cabinets (4 items, O gauge)
R17 - 3-drawer Typewriter Desk and Swivel Chair  (O gauge)
R18 - Cowboy on Horse and 3 Cows
R19 - 6 Cows (2 each in 3 poses)
R20 - 6 Horses (2 grazing, 2 standing and 2 saddled)
R21 - Cowboy on Horse and 3 Horses
R22 - Water Trough, Goat, Cow, 2 Pigs and a Horse
R23 - 4 Coach Steps (unpainted, for passenger cars at stations without platforms)
R24 - [Never issued?]
R25 - Passenger Set (unpainted, 8 figures from R323)
R26 - Drinking Fountain, Adding Machine, Wastepaper Basket and Armchair (O gauge)
R27 - 8 Sections of Farm Fence (unpainted)
R28 - GM Open Top Truck (bull-nosed)
R29 - GM Stake Body Truck (long-nosed)
R30 - GM Tow Truck (pick-up)
R31 - GM Pick-up Truck
R32 - GM Panel Truck
R33 - Push Cart
R34 - Baggage Cart
R35 - Chevrolet Sedan
R36 - GM Express Truck
R37 - GM Fuel Truck
R38 - GM Stake Express 1 ½ Ton
R39 - GM Stake Express 2 Ton
R40 - Railroad Signal Light Dwarf (unpainted)
R41 - Railroad Signal Lights Dwarf (unpainted, pair)
R42 - 8 Coach Chairs, 4 Left, 4 Right (unpainted, railway passenger cars, O gauge)
R43 - Freight Set Skid [skillage] and Barrel (unpainted, O gauge)
R44 - Baggage Cart, Crate and Basket (unpainted)
R45 - Hand Truck with Crate and Barrel (unpainted, copies of Britains?)
R46 - Parcel Truck with Crate and Barrel (unpainted, Powered? Crate and barrel copies of Britains?)
R47 - 2Fire Alarm Boxes
R48 - 2 Fire Alarm Boxes (O gauge)
R49 - 2 Signal Lights 1/3L, 1/2L, 1 Stand, 1 Base and 1 Connector (unpainted)
R50 - GM Taxi
R51 - Passenger Set (unpainted, 9 figures, O gauge)
R52 - Passenger Set (unpainted, 10 figures, O gauge, became; R723 painted, from Ireland)
R53 - Three Station Benches (O gauge)
R54 - Texaco Gas Pump and Attendant
R55 - Gulf Gas Pump and Attendant
R56 - Shell Gas Pump and Attendant
R57 - Esso Gas Pump and Attendant
R58 - Traffic Light - Stanchion Type
R59 - Traffic Light - Corner Type
R60 - Traffic Light - Hanging Type
R61 - Traffic Light - Boulevard Type
R62 - 12 Railroad Station Stanchion Posts (gauge unknown, seems to be ‘O’)
R63 - 2 ½ Ton Truck - 10 Wheel
R64 - Freight Van - 10 Wheel
R65 - De Soto Taxi
R66 - Heavy Platform Truck
R67 - Fire Chief Truck
R68 - Fire Engine - Pumper
R69 - Fire Engine - Hook and Ladder
R70 - Wheel Barrow with Man (unpainted, O gauge)
R71 - 4 Street Barricades (unpainted, O gauge)
R72 - Wheel Barrow with man and 3 Street Barricades (unpainted, HO Gauge)
R73 - Wrecker Truck
R74 - 4-door Chrysler Sedan
R75 - Ambulance
R76 - Subway Entrance Wall Type with Lights in Kit Form (O gauge)
R77 - Subway Entrance Curb Type in Kit Form (O gauge)
R78 - Subway Entrance Wall Type in Kit Form (O gauge)
R79 - Subway Entrance Curb Type in Kit Form
R80 - Sports Car
R81 - Farm Wagon with Two Horses and Driver
R82 - Coach/Buggy with Two Horses and Driver
R83 - Carryall Carriage with Horse and Driver
R84 - Van (equivalent of British 'pantechnicon' removal van? Lorry or trailer?
R85 - Policeman and Traffic Light (O gauge, painted)
R86 - Two Figures on Bench (O gauge, painted)
R87 - [Never issued?]
R88 - [Never issued?]
R89 - [Never issued?]
R90 Railroad Signal Set (O gauge, painted)
R91 Additional Figures and Signs (7 figures, handcart and 4 items of street furniture, painted)
R92 Crosswalk [pedestrian crossing] Scene (7 figures and 2 items of street furniture + 2 vehicles, painted)
R93 Fire Fighting Set (9 firemen and 2 fire trucks, painted)
R94 Accident Group (5 figures and 3 vehicles, painted)
R95 Large Farm Set (2 figures, wagon and 10 animals, painted)
R96 Bus Stop Scene (4 figures, bus and 4 items of street furniture, painted)
R97 Flat-car Loads (8 large pieces of civil-engineering, painted)
R98 Road Signs (12 items, painted)

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