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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

P is for Plunder Posts - 2 - Fellow Collectors Brought Stuff

Various people save me the odd bit, and while you'll be familiar with their names as I've mentioned them all in past plunder posts, it made sense from an image-number perspective to have a separate post this year, although Peter gave me so much stuff, he's getting a separate day - tomorrow!

This was Trevor Rudkin's bag o'bits; he apologised for the small size of it, yet it had several nice things in, not least a  complete set of Triang Minic Motorway figures (centre right), a bunch of Ge-Models ('Gem') below them and a few Spot-On first type figures. Even the Hong Kong plastic copy of Minic Navy aircraft carrier turned out to be new to collection, when I put it away; it's slightly smaller than the ones that have been seen here before.

Chatting to Trevor I pointed out that it is probably 24 years since he started saving me his gash stuff, HK shite, flotsam, jetsam and other bits and bobs, and my collection (or this Blog) wouldn't be what it is without the contributions of Trevor, the other people mentioned in this post and others such as John Begg, Graham Apperley and Micheal Melnyk or Jim ('from Sandown'!), whether gifted or just 'let-go cheap'.

Due to confusion during sorting and photographing, I don't know if these were in Trevor's bag or Brian's, so I've put them between the two! They are odd things, as they are not that rare, not that pretty, yet quite sought-after, as they are the Hong Kong monsters (issued in several sets and copied/reissued in several generations - with or without additional dinosaurs) which Gary Gygax used to illustrate the bestiary which accompanied the original first edition of his Dungeons & Dragons role-playing rule system.

As a result, they are collected by D&D/Role Play fans for that reason, Then they are collected by straight 'fantasy' fans as non-dinosaur, proper 'monsters', they are also collected by some LRG'ers, despite not being monochrome, or rubber, as early examples of monsters, and they are collected by 'one-of-each' complete'ist nutters - like me!

The one on the right (Pterodacturtle)  is my favourite, and I have him in several versions/sizes/colour-ways, the pineapple-prawn monster is - in contrast - my least favoured! I don't know what they are called in D&D!

This year I had a small bag to give Brian, so more of a swap! Brian's bag - interestingly - had a pile of the same fish Peter gave me last year, but with some variations, I wonder if they split a lot, years ago?

There were two other marine-related animals, a large (but not that large) whale and a sea-horse, similar to one currently offered by Aneco, but not identical, the same can be said of the sea-grass, although this older (Hong Kong) pattern was a common filler in many tubs and play-sets (along with blow-moulded rocks!), as the mini, double palm trees's are today.

Adrian Little brought lots of small-scale bits and bobs for me to look at, and with the bits I had off his stall, I ended up with a large bag of interesting-to-very-interesting things from all over the world, in all scales and from most eras or genres! And he charged me peanuts for them, so they belong in this post.

We'll be looking at some of the highlights in the next few days, so I won't go through the whole image, what can you spot? The rest will come out in the wash over time, or be filtered into the master collection - for instance; the little box (top right) is for the Minialuxe figures for their 'old fashioned car' range, it's incomplete, but I have a few in storage with some spare figures, so it will either be 'made-up' or used to store all the buckshee figures, it should have a layer of cotton-wool as well.

Likewise, I picked-up three more Lido-type space figures (middle left), but won't bore you with another post on them until I get the rest out of storage in a month or two - it looks like it will be mid-August. The same is true of the pod-foot Wild West flat (lower centre, red). The Jig-toy crown will go on the Jig-Toy page, but not until I get another out of storage - with the original instruction card for a fuller collage.

Thanks all!

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