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Friday, June 15, 2018

Q is for Query - Coca-Cola Animal Flats?

I saw these in an otherwise nondescript bag of mixed animals in a charity shop the other day, and recognised them, but also didn't - if you know what I mean! Like the other set of animal flats I've posted here recently a couple of times, the originals of these are well known and well covered on the web, being the Coca-Cola/Fanta premiums. They were re-shot at some point in the same cream/off-white polystyrene, with thinner bases.

However these are in a softer yet dense polyethylene or polypropylene, and a more obvious darker grey than either of the off-whites of the Coke originals or my thinner based copies. I don't have much else on them hence the 'Q is for . . . ' title-bar, but would guess someone like Tom Smith for Christmas crackers, or something like Tupperware/Airfix cubes maybe, although the giraffe is tall, so maybe not cubes, a book with play-set, a simple zoo, something like that?

They are clean, only the four and came-in with some totally unrelated stuff - china vinyls for the most part and a Chinasuar! Indeed the newness of them and the post '97 nature of the rest of the bag could be a sign someone's been running the tool recently? I don't think so but you never know!

This shot shows the thinner base matching my styrene re-shots, the Coca-Cola ones had a heavier base with the company's logo or animals name (I can't remember) running round the edge. The water-buffalo however has a heavier base, more like the cola premiums. They are also lightly striated with a second colour's - black - streaks in the grey polymer.

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