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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Q is for Query - International Products

Yesterday (Wed.) was a mare of a day for a number of reasons, not least of which was that Bakers hardware are closed in the afternoon and Farnborough Hardware had burnt down? No matter, I managed to get a thumb on the little buggers tail when he raided the cat food and a humane release on the golf-course followed!

Mice! Another failing of the 'assistant'. But nothing got posted for today, so this is a quick one from the archive - Sandown Park about a year ago - Adrian's stall.

Not a question mark as we know it's by International Products, but that's all we know, do you know more? M38-type Jeep 'Wrangler' and trailer, the trailer pierced at the corners for a load, box body, tilt-cover or something of that ilk; possibly a sweet container or tied-in bag of figures or sand-castle flags? The whole in the style of Tudor Rose, Lilo or other (International Products!) beach toys.

Mark - International Products London xx (??). The jeep is missing a windscreen and possibly a spare-wheel.

That's it, bit of a box ticker; can you add anything?


jah said...

Hugh please realise that it is 2018 modern moggies will only eat mice if the lower life form kills the mouse skins it and then cooks it, lightly fried in sardine oil is acceptable. I feel for poor moggie it has a lot of work to train the lower life form it owns.

Hugh Walter said...

I can only add fussa-russa!