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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Q is for still a Querry

Juan Angel (Gog of Toys From the Past) has sent in some more shots of his unknown cavemen in the hope it might wrack people's brains as to their origins? I can only add what I said the other day;

"I know they are late Hong Kong or early 'China' era rack-toys, probably with dinosaurs and a palm tree or blow-moulded rock or two, but can anyone ascribe a set title or brand-mark to them?"

I've previously - I think - only seen two poses, possibly the two on the left with rocks, whether the advent of two more heralds the fact that all six original Marx poses will turn-up is anyone's guess, have you seen the other two - clubbing prey (or another caveman!) and squatting with spear?


Guarding the cave-entrance!

Out and about, they suffer from being rather too pale for near-naked prehistoric types, and as copies will never have the quality of Marx originals, but they make a nice little group. If anyone can help Gog - he'd appreciate it.

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