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Monday, June 11, 2018

RDA is for A Sort of Follow-Up!

Many moons (and several actual blue-moons) ago, I added 'Cricket' to the lag list with a quick overview of the available figures, or at least those from my collection! This is one of two updates to that original post from 2011 publishing today on Small Scale World.

I picked-up this set in a charity shop a few weeks ago, it's the second version of the RDA Wicketz game using Subbuteo players, basically a re-issue in new graphics, it was one of two issued at the same time, the other having hand-painted figures laid out in a flocked tray and more accessories or something, it's all here on a real enthusiast's (Peter Upton) site.

Of more interest is that the final version (and the one I've still to find) was issued under Paul Lamond's label, now they are the current carriers of Hasbro's Subbuteo footballers, and it suggests Hasbro (or Paul Lamond) where somewhere in the background of the RDA thing?

A reminder of the figures, they were pretty-well done to death - image wise - in the original post, but suffice to say they are from the Subbuteo tool, but fitted with different bases, the batsmen converted to spin in their bases.

Note also; the wickets, previously shot in a wood-sympathetic shade of plastic, are now the same plain white polystyrene as the players.

Of far more interest was a change to the offered mail-away sets, which now included coloured team-strips. I have never seen these and presumed they hadn't been issued, however the link above reveals they do turn-up occasionally. The right hand-side shows the unpainted figures you could purchase to paint yourself.

The new teams and other accessories now read;

International Teams (painted, in order given)
- Sri Lanka
- West Indies
- England
- South Africa
- New Zealand
- Pakistan
- India
- Australia
- Zimbabwe

Sunday League Teams (painted, in order given)
- Kent
- Northampton
- Derbyshire
- Hampshire
- Surrey
- Lancashire
- Warwickshire
- Worcestershire
- Sussex
- Middlesex
- Gloucestershire
- Nottinghamshire
- Essex
- Yorkshire
- Leicestershire
- Somerset

Other Items
- Unpainted Team/s (you had to specify team/s as they came in base-coloured plastic)
- All 9 Unpainted Teams (International line-up)
- All 16 Unpainted Teams (Sunday League line-up)
- All 9 International Teams (painted)
- All 16 Sunday League Teams (painted)
- Scoreboard
- Scorepad [sic]
- 2 Sightscreens
- Self Assembly Set (6 deckchairs, 2 rollers, glue)
- Complete Set (6 deckchairs, 2 rollers, scoreboard, scorepad, 2 sightscreens, 4 teams, unpainted)
- Complete Set (6 deckchairs, 2 rollers, scoreboard, scorepad, 2 sightscreens, 2 international teams, 2 Sunday League teams, painted)


Brian Artillery said...

...And a tiny Dickie Bird figure sitting on the box, waiting for it to be opened, after turning up five and a half hours earlier.

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