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Saturday, June 2, 2018

S is for Substitutes!

Continuing with both Subbuteo and football, this was an interesting happen-stance, or 'curio' I picked-up the other day . . . well, the end of April . . . another Charity shop purchase, it appeared to be one of the new sets and was only a few quid, I de-labelled it; shot the box . . .

. . . and opened it to find the teams were all hard plastic! Someone had bought the set for the new players, chucked two old teams (of the newer variety) in the blister tray and sent it off to charity - otherwise 'mint'!

No matter, it gives us a chance to look at a whole set in close-up, and - as a collector - has given me two teams and the new-style/designs of pitch- matt and goals.

As you can see it's not that it's an older pre-flexible figure set, it's definitely meant to be the newer type, although it's dated 2012 so they've been out for a while without my noticing.

The players are also interesting in that while the older versions (all generations) were basically one chap, there are now variations with long hair and short hair in black brown and blond.

The new nets are a bit chunkier than the old ones (and harder to store!), but there's not much in it and there's probably a reason for the two 'ears'. While the raised bar between the ears helps get the ball out of the back of the net without moving everything around!

A little vignette with red having a shot on an open goal! "Cum'on Everton; what are you playing at? Mark your man!" Straight out of the box - hours of fun!


Fraxinus said...

Subbuteo, hours playing the football and cricket games in my youth....still have some stuff including the mighty Brentford who are a little worn from winning FA cups and leagues galore (if only in reality!)I purchased the newish Arsenal set from a bargain store at Christmas & havnt looked at it yet and looks like there are Everton players also with it so will play the brother in law (Everton fan) & may repaint the Arsenal as Brentford. Is there much produced now?

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Fraxinus - There's a rapidly growing range, and with unbreakable flexible players; it's better than ever . . . No West Ham either though . . give it time . . . but Brentford will require paint any time between now and Hell freezing over, I fear!