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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

T is for Taffy's Troops

This is a real box-ticker, I've posted them before, Mr. Carrick sent the Blog a slightly different group which appeared here and on the Khaki Infantry page and so it's really just get them in the tag-list as I photographed them while the others were out of the box.

Not a complete set and slightly mysterious in that they may well be a mere brand-mark for one of the other 'likely suspects' in early British toy production, possibly from the Islyn Thomas stable (Thomas, Kleeware, Poplar, Tudor Rose and Pyro [for the accompanying AFV's] are all either connected or 'in the frame')* and clicking Taffy in the tags will bring-up more, not much more; but a bit more!

I think I posted this as well, when I got it, and mentioned the apparent remains of paint on the new one's face, so a real box-ticker, still: new images and do you think he's being prepared as the charge for a very large cannon-ball? He's also about 8-foot-six! I've never seen bearers for this item.

* Re. the rambling bracketed note above, the AFV's (M55 SPG and a Patton type, along with the jeep and trailer) were also late polyethylene Kleeware items, from US moulds, probably as mould-share, some then copied in the UK (the 5.5-inch Gun post), however the figures (and the gun?) are UK additions to the line, the figures having the anachronistic EM2 bullpup assault rifle common to the era's other toy soldiers (see posts passim), the gun also being British equipment.

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