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Monday, June 11, 2018

T is for Thoughts for the day!

The real reason the orange brillo-pad anointed one threw all the toys out of his pram at 30,000 feet! cheers Huw!

Meanwhile the other idiot American in my life is waving a bent figure on his Blog as a flag of victory, while regaling everyone with a brag about a fort, in doing so he proves both that my assertion he's not very nice is an accurate summing-up (and bragging about money - so nouveu!) and that of course he's in the competitive frame of mind he denies knowing anything about! While Mr. Carrick thinks it's a good idea to validate the post with a comment - again! You can't make this stuff up.

What do you reckon to the chances of Kim 'n' Don' having  a fist-fight tomorrow? Or; has Kim sent a double so he can 'nuke Singapore? Treble Nobel's all round , , hic!


jah said...

Sorry Hugh but that person you dislike plse do not tell me he bought the Marx Alamo fort.

Jan Ferris said...


I love your depiction. I cannot say I understand what the fellow is getting at? Here in the US, we all are not as unreasonable as this mad man. Chalk another one up for Putin. There goes the neighborhood!


Brian Carrick said...

Hugh, I have known both you and Stad for several decades and consider you both as friends. I don't know how this spat between you two started or understand what it's all about but it's nothing to do with me so please leave me out of it. I follow lots of blogs about toy soldiers and and will leave comments whenever I want, it's just a hobby for X sake.
Best wishes, Brian Carrick

Hugh Walter said...

Jah - no, it was some old bit of tin-plate, rusty shite he was bragging about!

Jan - Believe me, it's no better here. It's becoming quite clear 'bwreaksit' has the same connections to Russia and right-wing money/media-propaganda as your current woes!

Brian - 'kay, whatever, just don't do it here anymore. I prefer everyone in his tent pissing at me, then I know where you all are!