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Friday, June 22, 2018

T is for Two - TAT's Tankette!

As flagged-up this morning, these are from Chris Smith, and while we've looked at them before, it won't hurt to have another shufftie, especially as Chris's seem to tie my lose examples together a bit.

The vagaries of digital-photography! That dark one down the bottom right is the same vehicle as the one to its left and the one on the far left in the upper image! But flash aside, you can see that both carriers are different shades of green polymer, and also differ from their own crew's plastic-colours. Painting (if you feel one or two stab-and-hope blobs of pink qualify for the moniker 'painting'!) between the crews also varies quite a bit.

I hope Chris won't mind my pointing out that some of these shots are not the best images (he's only just got his camera and I understand these are some of the first shots taken), but they get the job done. As well as being copies of the Britains slush-cast Bren Gun Carrier, these TAT machines carry copies of the Britains hollow-cast crewmen, which strangely I happen to have a set of in storage, so when they are out and the missing Tri-Ang officer from this morning turns up we will return to the subjects again.

Also I think I'm right in saying this and the Britains donor ARE Bren Gun Carriers, while the later Dinky toy and the miniscule Airfix one are actually Universal Carriers - with the boxy body?

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