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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

T is for Two - Wheelers!

Bit of a lazy post, because I had a lazy weekend and didn't get anything ready for yesterday or today, except the stuff for the other Blogs announced in yesterday's post! Both these were shot at the May show, both self-explanatory and the second probably seen before - certainly seen before in some form.

This is obviously a touristy-thing; I suspect from Ireland, it's err . . . a Jaunting Car! For going for a jaunt in, obviously! I said they were self-explanatory! Nothing else to say really, it's a brittle or tinny polystyrene, airbrush-decorated through stencils and around 54mm or 1:32nd scale, almost in the style of a porcelain 'fairing', the sort of thing it probably replaced.

There is no clue underneath as to make or origin, date or anything else, so that's the first; a probably Irish jaunt'er! It's also the leading candidate for the most boring shot ever loaded on Small Scale World Dot Blogspot Dot Com competition! However, don't think I dislike it, I bought it - after I'd shot it!

The second has been before, but I can't remember if it was a boxed one, and whether or not the figure was PVC or ethylene, but here's another one and it'll get it in the tag-list so it comes up with the previous post/s. This bronze version is - I think - the earlier one (even though I consider the vinyl figures more common than the ethylene ones) that the Hong Kong copy was based-on.

[checked upon posting - it was red with white horses and the PVC spear-man]

The box, nice 1960's (?) artwork; playing-on the Chariot Race from Ben Hur on one panel, with a reasonably accurate depiction of the contents on the larger side.

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