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Monday, July 9, 2018

E is for Empirical Evidence!

Courtesy of Paul Morehead, editor of Plastic Warrior magazine.

So, we'll have a few quickies this afternoon, follow-ups and further stuff or loose-ends tied off, with something a bit more substantial tomorrow, but that's not to say today's late-postings aren't interesting, they all are! And again, like the other day - all contributions.

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Paul sent this the other day, which I think is a scan of a photocopy of a photocopy of the 1966 catalogue. It clearly backs-up my thoughts on the figures being Lone Star supplied (and 'possibly' Lone Star branded) as they are, but more importantly seems to suggest my memories of red and green ones has some merit too.

And they are bright red and green like the yellow we looked at the other day, they are toys, not 'toy soldiers' and as such were issued in bright, primary colours - I bet some a blue too?

It's hard to tell form the illustration, but it seems they clip to a wooden (or rubber? Plastic?) block with a sturdy wire-rod set along one edge so that the figures (sorry; "Redskin Targets"!) fall backwards when hit by the cork, if you choose to use them rather than the card targets.

We can see at least four poses, a fifth may be behind the card, but I don't think the kneeling one is included, so that probably was my imagination!

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