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Saturday, July 28, 2018

H is for How They Come In - Wednesday's Purchases

Posting will be intermittent and bitty for the next couple of weeks as I've got this 'getting everything out of storage' thing going on, with little plan for it and no time! But I sometimes work better under pressure!

And so to the teeming metropolis of Farnborough for a month's supply of vapeing ancillaries, and a swift visit to a couple of charity shops they have there . . .

1 Carrara Marble Fontanini WHSmith Dinosaurs Plastic Toy Soldier Figures Fairies Ravensburger DSCN8527 Vintage Old Plastic Figures Board Game Pieces
This lot owes me the grand total of £4.50p! and the most expensive item was the board-game from Ravensburger with the four fairies at two-quid! The Carrara/Fontanini (Italianate Fusilier?) from the other shop was a pound-and-a-half which even I'll concede is a bargain; I usually have to pay 4-7-quid each for them, while the Supreme Indian was thrown in with the two dinosaurs for a quid; back in Fleet later the same day.

The Fontanini was in the window along with about 9 ceramic ones of similar size, from two sources, one having better paint, the other thinner bases. I didn't look at the prices as I know I would have bought them all if they were a similar price to the plastic one, and while it may be a bargain, I can't buy everything!

Also the Fontanini has a shop-sticker on his base saying Rotated - Week 18, which means he's moved shop [unsold] at least three times - stock tends to get four weeks in one store? As is own sticker is off-centre and there's a chip to the other side of the plinth, I may remove him from the marble and have him as a stand-alone 160mm figure - with plinth and headdress plume he's currently 190-mil' in total.

The fairies - from the game Disney Fairies Magical Flower Garden Game - all look similar but are different poses and I've already christened them 'Hot Pants' (white), 'Miniskirt' (pink), 'Twin Set' (yellow) and 'Grecian Wrap' (blue), although they are almost impossible to photograph in that semi-transparent/translucent 'jelly-baby' vinyl!

The Protoceratops was interesting as he/she seems to be a pre-WHSmith version of the ones I was buying from the same store a couple of years ago . . . last year? Anyway, the previously purchased one is the left of each shot, and you can see the new addition has better definition in the moulding, different eye treatments and marginally better (or 'less lazy') paint.

I was buying them on-offer, occasionally, in a three-for-a-fiver deal - I think - but can't remember if I posted them all? I only got the nine, leaving a pterodactyl and plesiosaur that I remember - probably a couple of others that didn't leap out at me - and which will come in over time anyway, like the most recent recruit to the 'herd'!

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