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Monday, July 9, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Thought For The Day!

I received this - as a private eMail - on Friday, little did he know what was coming last night with the Breaksit-Poodles last yap, or this afternoon with the other orange, brillo-pad anointed loon, - our own, home-grown one!

Re. my Dragon's turd comment the other day . . . 

This is not so, Dragon's Turds are in abundance, see below. A trip to [a] nation's capital in Washington DC and you will find TONS, the White House too is over stocked.

Closer to home, The Houses of Parliament are extremely full of the item in question. That's both houses!

I'm surprised you hadn't noticed?

Don't forget Brussels has a multinational collection of same.

It is extraordinary how we are [maybe not] lions [definitely] lead by donkeys, and the idiots keep voting for the donkeys!

39 years of uninterrupted Thatcherite-Reganomic policy making, backed-up by 90% of the media,yet we will now have a general election, as the inadequate school-marm threw her last dice on Friday, but there is no one to vote for and Brexit (however you envision it, and whatever you voted for) is eight-months away and nothing more than an amorphous blob of a plan, most of the red-lines or less amorphous bits the EU negotiators have already ruled-out!

You can't make this shit up - it's the end of days for Western hegemony...


They're all IDIOTS, if you vote for them again you'll get another six-months of clusterfuck and another election!


jah said...

Dear Hugh I knew it was all over when some guys beat up a TV soap actor because of something his character did on the show. Then a friend at work came in upset because as he said his wife with a first class honours degree from Edinburgh was knitting baby clothes for the single mother on the Archers (Yes I really am that old) I was talking to a local minister the other day (shocked he will never make PM too honest) he said quote if the pile of dung is too big to shift just lose the election and let the other lot fail to sort it out. To finish Capitalism and Democracy are terrible systems but better than anything else on offer so yes we are all doooomed

Hugh Walter said...

Jah - have you caught this;


John Browne? Never 'erd of 'im!

Meanwhile in the real world, The Trumpton turns up in Europe this morning and starts calling everyone names!!!!

It's like we're all living in a parody . . . 'cept it's real!