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Thursday, July 12, 2018

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.171

Been out for about a month now, so I'm slipping slightly! Another packed issue with something for everyone.

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* The continuing series on Scalextric by Adrian Norman reaches the Spectator sets
* An editorial on Marx oddities covers pirates, cowboy test shots and the 'Marxie' pin badge.
* Michael T Hyde continues his charming overview of ecclesiastical types (if that's the right collective noun?), with a comprehensive collection of Orthodox priests, Catholics, padres and a missionary - most not known to this author.
* 'Converters Corner' continues with Les White's production of colonial types, this time Brit's in hot-weather gear, using Armies In Plastic WWI figures as a base.
* A small piece on Reisler shows the Walt Disney tie-in Davy Crocket figure issue with their little card-discs
* An 'in depth' looks at the full range of Lone Star Robin Hood and the Siege-engine crews with an interesting copy, all the figures, catalogue imagery and a pink Sheriff - hides the blood!
* Schuco Piccolo figures are covered by Adrian Levano of the Maidenhead Static Model Club.
* Tom Stark looks in detail at the new trappers from Publius

'What The !&*$?' has three question marks this time
  •  Joe Bellis asks after a Cowboy marked PR and a copy/licensed product from the US maker Ausley's moulds?
  • There's two guards from Brain Carrick, possibly Speedwell?
  • Two sailors also seek more information on their origins

* Pedro L. Cunha concerns himself with the weights and measures of packaging v. shipping
* John Murray shows the late Arthur Belshaw's ACW armies

'Updates' covers the following;
  •  New poses of Hugonnet Copies of Cherilea Elizabethans (thanks to Pascal Crochet)
  • Airfix for Sugar Puffs Cowboys & Indians
  • Galt Toys repacking of Britains farm animals
* An obituary for Ian Gothard is provided with a collective by-line from the team at The Hamilton Toy Collection, I didn't know the name, but recognise the face and have had dealings with him (at the old Birmingham venue - I think) and he was a friendly, cheerful soul, knowledgeable and with a smile for everyone.
* This author provides the London Toy Fair report for 2018

Regular Features
* 'NEWS and VIEWS and other stuff ' covers
  • Limited re-run/printing of the book Herald Civilian Models: The Golden years by Barney Brown and Peter Cole
  • Plastics, Hamleys and Toys 'R' Us
  •  Forthcoming sale of TSSD
  • Ron Barzo's retirement and final co-operation with Lod Enterprises
  • Plea-for/details on contributions
* 'Readers Letters' include
  • Eric Crichley reminisces on Airfix and Sugar Puffs premiums
  •  Steve Pugh corrects on the historical accuracy of adversaries!
  • Peter Evans replies to David Pye and Brian Petrin from PW170
  • Yours Truly writes on Lone Star plastic colours, Russian drivers and Lines TV towers
  • Frank Langcaster muses on Timpo pricing
* 'What's New' covers recent releases from Engineer Basevich -
  • Russo-Japanese War Russians
  • Russo-Japanese War Japanese
  • Caucasian Warriors
  • ACW Command (in blue or grey, Eng.B for Chintoys)
Plus all the usual readers small-ads and a commercial supplement

Front Cover - A Victorian Villain Vignette from Les White 'Incident in Whitechapel'
Back Cover - Saint Cyr cadet from composition mould by RP of France (Andy Partridge)

Contact details, as always, are . . .

And they are on Paypal.

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