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Sunday, July 1, 2018

PBI is for Poor Bloody Indians!

Having listened, tonight (THursday last), to the 'In Our Time' on the Mexican-American war and what happened to the Comanche afterward (40,000 'locals' at the start of the war 1,500 marched into a 'reservation' after it - at gunpoint, by the war-mongering, 'infesting', illegal immigrants!), I thought this was a timely post, especially given the pure shit that anal-speaking buttock-linguist Trump's been vomiting-forth from his potty-mouth in recent days, the nasty little fascist with his pliant trophy-wives - the latest of whom struggles with English as a second language!

Lone Star Harvey Series Red Indians Native Americans Board Game Target Playing Pieces Marked 5 (five) and 15 (fifteen) On New Base Panels 54mm (fifty-four millimetre) Novelty Toy Figures, Small Scale World, smallscaleworld.blogspot.com
Some people say these are copies, I think they were provided by Lone Star as the sculpts are the same and the bases have the same off-setting of a 'shadow base' you see with the some of the medieval figures and the Para's we looked at the other day.

There are no cowboys. There wasn't a cowboy set. This was about shooting the natives and stealing their land. A wire ran through the clip allowing the figure to fall back when hit by the dart or cork or marble or whatever it was. The maker is still currently unknown I think, but someone like Lines or Chad Valley, or even DCMC themselves must be in the frame?

There is a third figure with 10 on the base, now I think I have him in storage, I know I have one, and I'm sure it's a '10', but I seem to recall it's the kneeling firer, and red. I also think I've seen green ones . . . I think I may be wrong on all counts. All the others I've seen are yellow and the kneeling firer would be hard to knock-over for a mid-score?

A fortunately now long-gone, anachronistic throw-back to our racist, land-grabbing, murderous colonial past and remember; viruses and bacteria have colonies.

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Hugh Walter said...

Paul Morehead of Plastic Warrior magazine has confirmed they were in the Lone Star catalogue (1966, cork firing pistol - 1155: Cork .45 Shooting Game), there are several poses (at least four, maybe five) and they do seem to have been in different colours!