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Monday, September 3, 2018

B is for Bagging Knights

For someone who claims to be no fan of poured-resin I do seem to acquire quite a bit of it!

These came from Peter Evans at the beginning of August and although a bit tall and thin anatomically are still rather nice and because they are a bit of a box-ticker I've jollied the post up with some notes on storage!

These are the figures, presumably Museum gift-shop or similar tourist-trap items, they are too similar in height/appearance to be chess pieces (unless they are the pawns for a larger 'back-row'?) or something like that, poured resin and 70mm ignoring the base.

One of the reasons I'm not a fan of resin figurines is that they damage or chip too easily; I broke a Mermaid the other day, getting it off the hook in the pet shop and felt honor-bound to buy it! I snuck-back when I saw a different girl on the tills through the plate-windows and bought a second!

So storage has to prevent them rubbing against each other, let alone any external influences, I do this with my two standard click-shut or self-seal (they're not self-seal, you have to help them!) bags, one 4x5½" (100x150mm) per figure which were then top'n'tailed (like sardines) in a larger 5x9" (130x230mm) bag.

The empty ends of all the bags are then folded under the figures before they are laid in whatever is their final receptacle, this provides a bit of extra padding, but - more importantly - all the layers of new plastic will slide around a bit if the container is dropped or treated roughly for some reason, you know; gives the whole parcel a bit of 'give'.

Also, and I don't want to patronise anyone, but . . . it's a good idea to fold the open bags over and give them a squeeze before you seal each of them to expel the maximum air - otherwise you end-up with a pillow full of pillows and the figures WILL rattle around and chip each-other through the plastic films!

Cheers Peter - They're lovely and will be looked after!

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