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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

D is for Daily Wail from the Daily Fail!

Sources close to someone who didn't want to be named today said the person was 'stunned' by the news that American Comics in the 1950's all but GAVE AWAY (for a small postage fee) exploding tanks even as US tank commandeers were getting exploded in Korea! An anonymous spokesman for the Pentagon said "What the fuck? Get out of my office! . . . where's security?"
An un-named US exploded tank-commander told this Daily Pail reporter he couldn't believe there were toys of his situation, he said "I didn't get exploded to death in my tank so someone could make a toy of me exploding!" This Paper is OUTRAGED! The shocking 'TOY' maker Helen of War Toy has been approached for a statement and we can tell you - NONE has been forthcoming!
This story comes hot on the heels of the SCANDALOUS news last week, reported here at the Daily Whine that Louis Marx produced playsets of American GI's with destroyed trees during the Vietnam War. A destroyed tree near Phnom-Penh - who wished to remain anonymous - was quoted as saying "How would you like it? You're immolated by American Napalm and five minutes later they are selling toys of you with your branches all fire-twisted!" This paper is with the TREE!*
Meanwhile, over at our sister paper The Sunday Sackcloth a similar story has been breaking about how McLaughlin Brothers issued printed wooden solders depicted as casualties, and allied trucks burning during the ACTUAL World War, when actual allied trucks were actually got burnt and actual US soldiers were actually wounded! THE PAPER'S WAR TOYS CORRESPONADANT WAS SO INCENSED HE HAD TO GO AND SIT IN A DARK CORNER WITH AN ICE BAG. ON. HIS. HEAD!
A spokesman for McLaughlin was unwilling to be found but a senior tory minister was overheard saying "This is bound to negatively affect home-counties' house prices in the medium-to-long-term?" Yes! Says this paper; except for migrants and work-shy hippies who will probably be GIVEN A FREE ONE!"
YOU TOO can find all these stories and more on the Phew's Group Website - TJF Did!
*Some trees were accidently destroyed in the making of this paper but not from a war zone and we won't be making toys of them.
Joking apart; I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw that crap the other day?
Airfix issued figures including both a German and Japanese 'recent enemy'; in 1949 (too close?), Airfix again (SAS) and Matchbox (Para's) jumped on the Iran Embassy and Falkland's bandwagon within months, GI Joe sold best at the height of the Vietnam War, indeed, while Action Man soldiered-on into the 1980's, GI Joe died with the US defeat. Marx issued Viet Kong as the war unfolded . . .
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. . . Marx 'revolutionaries'
sneak-up behind an ox-cart
The Daily Rail's click-bait puff-piece and TJF's reaction to it speak volumes about where we're going in the next few years, the piece oozed hysterical false-outrage, over-excited, hypocritical tub-thumping, smarmy fake moralising, mawkish sycophancy and deliberately ignored the historical facts pertaining to War Toys (they're not called 'long-after-the-relevant-war toys') in favour of a 'here and now' rant.
There have always been war toys, especially in time of war, and there always will be, the idea that Airfix have crossed some ethical boundary by issuing a war-gaming scenic of a damaged mud-brick house is just daft, and the Wail's continuing the article by singling out certain aircraft kits only leaves one wondering why they didn't do so after the Gulf wars, when the same date-relevant issue of toy or model Tornados, Challengers, Chinooks and so on was seen from most kit manufactures along with the likes of King & Country and Corgi! But then the Daily Fail supported both ventures!
While movies often pertain to wars still being fought, complete with damage to buildings!
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