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Thursday, September 13, 2018

L is for Look Away Now if You Have a Weak Stomach

Or . . . F is for Fungus-Flocked Furry Fellow!

HCF - Eat your heart out; this came out of storage; when he went into the unit he was dark brown PVC! Now covered from head to toe in a fine fungal growth of matt-like whitish-grey fibrous mycelia (I think the term is?), he looks like he's been flocked!

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I guess it has fed off microscopic amounts of ages-old sweat or sugars from chocolaty-fingers or sweet-sticky hands, ingrained into the PVC, it could be an additive in the PVC, but Thomas/Poplar weren't known for unstable, or sticky PVC's, so your guess is as good as mine!

I was going to clean him, you sometimes find similar mould on old plastics (Tudor Rose's vehicle-wheels are a particular pain), but his new 'skin' seems pretty stable, it's survived finding, rubbing and a photo-session already, so I think I'll keep it as it is (the figures aren't rare, loose) until it's stopped 'feeding' (if it hasn't already?) and see if it will just dry-out to a stable coating (which it may already have done!) as a form of natural flock!


jah said...

Yet another form of plastic rot. Like it been white flocked I think I will call it Trumped. Also better late than never the Dublin show had some cheapies so I left a lot poorer. Thought of you and how you would love to of been there almost half the stalls (well 20 to 30%) were selling your favourite goodies LEGO yes lots and lots of LEGO. Was going to buy you some or flood you with photos but have been blocked by so many sites so better not and then I can still post comments here. Well done with the storage move but I bet you spent most of your time looking at your goodies and left poor moggy to do all the work... Bye Johnny

Hugh Walter said...

junowot Jah . . . there's more Lego at Sandown than anything else (bar die-cast), and Brian sent me shots of the same tray-upon-tray of minifigs at a US show!

PS - Stop encouraging her, it only makes her worse!