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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SF is for Space Farce!

Do you remember that fantastic Dr. Who Mount Rushmore that was sent to the Blog by Artist Jon Alderfer a while back? Well, he's had his coloured pencils out again, or at least I think he's working in a pencil medium, it's hard to tell from a scan of a print; it may be fine gauche or water-colour, but whatever, it's very talented work and it's a pleasure to carry another here . . . look to the horizon, there may be a third on the way?
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Space Force - by Jon Alderfer
Isn't it fantastic? And I love all the little in-jokes hidden around the place, some of which I'm not getting, I'm obviously not American-enough! Sucka B. Flaunders obviously had the day off to recover from the last press conference!
If I have one criticism - using my years of experience as a world-famous art critic to go on - I'd say the pilot's hands are too big, I mean they're BIG, like, they're biggly-big, biggly-wiggly big, almost normal-sized! That's a Donald-fact - no fake news here!
Jon; thanks so much for this, delighted to host it!

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