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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A is for All Hallows' Eve - Creepy Critters

While last year I found quite a few new bags of stuff, if only ephemeral semi-flat shite; leading to several insect/vermin posts running up to Halloween and another couple on the day, this year there's been very little, Waitrose had the same set as last year and I think Wilkinson's did at one point earlier in the short season, probably old stock as it quickly cleared.

But otherwise - apart from the snake and crackers (the Hunted House was a while ago) - there was nothing to find of the varmint or horror-figure variety, so thanks to Peter Evans and Brian Berke for more than half the stuff in the preceding nine posts, but I did manage to find these less than a week ago, in Poundland Basingrad, to finish this year's Halloween posts.

Creepy Critters - I think we saw something similar last year, but I'm pretty sure the contents are new, and ten posts is a nice round number!

Six items for a quid, you can't knock it, although I hadn't noticed my cockroach is missing his front legs to a short-shot mould problem, I should have looked for a better one and it's probably too late now, however in this price range, the whole batch was probably the same!

The bat has a deep hole which may be a mould-release pin mark but I suspect is also used for threading elastic in/for other, different contracts, I picked up a generic spider the other day with a similar hole.

And now on Small Scale World: today's lesson in Biology for GCSE - how a snake works!

To paraphrase Mrs. Tweedy of Tweedy's Farm "Rowd'unts goo'win . . . poo cooms'owt"!

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